Paul and James
Stone Sword Games

About Stone Sword Games (SSG)

Stone Sword Games is a collaboration between Paul Allen and James Faulkner.

Together they have produced a run of fantastically fun games so far, including Hogs Of War The Card Game and Hogs Of War The Miniatures Game.


If you've been active in the Comments or on our Discord you may know Dan (Whizzwang).
He has been an absolute star throughout and post the Senjutsu Kickstarter Campaign, keeping everyone up to date with changes and helping James with running the project.
Dan came down to the Dice Cup Nottingham and after a little chat, Paul and James knew he was an undiscovered gem for the Board Game industry.
It was an easy decision to invite Dan onboard as the first employee of Stone Sword Games.


Those that have been paying attention to Instagram, Facebook and the updates, will have seen the wonderfully painted miniatures for Senjutsu.
These are the results of master painter Max being drawn into Stone Sword Games. He is also preparing painting Guides so that you can produce similar results (depending on your talent of course).
He does more than just the painting though and is an alround member of the team.

Special thanks go to their fantastic cultural representatives who are providing expert knowledge on Martial Arts,
historical customs, the Japanese Language and cultural makeup of the Japanese people.

Meet the team
meet the team

Senjutsu Art work

About the Senjutsu Universe

Senjutsu is a Samurai Skirmish Game for 1-4 Players, set in the Warring States Period of Feudal Japan.
Playing as a unique Samurai, you will battle opponents in tense, thematic duels that will decide the fate of your clan.

Senjutsu is the first of three games set in the "Battle for Japan" series.

Planned within the series is Daimyo & Yugen.

Daimyo (2022) is a 4X army and empire controlling strategy game where you control a Daimyo,
a leader and warlord of one of the rival clans trying to secure and unite Japan.

Yugen (2023) is a co-operative narrative based miniature 'dungeon crawler' set within the Iga War, playing as a Ninja,
defend your homeland and the free people of Japan from the formidable forces of the Oda Clan.

Senjutsu, Daimyo, Yugen

Daimyo final


Who made this and why?

Well, Hello there!

My name is Bas, but better known as Buzzin or BuzzinsPetRock online.
I'm a middle aged man, living alone, working on building my own games room. I live in the Netherlands, as I will let you know as often as I can. You can talk to me in Dutch, English or German. And I can speak a few words in other languages too, like French or Japanese, but don't expect me to understand much, I'm either a beginner or it was too long ago.


I set up this page during the initial Kickstarter campaign, as it became more and more unclear what was included in which Pledge level. This wasn't for lack of trying on SSG's part, but a Kickstarter page just isn't a great reference guide. With all the Stretch Goals and Add-ons being forced into 1 long endless page, people didn't feel like reading the whole thing any more.
So, I created the simple overview page (Linked on the home page under "previous version").
After the campaign had ended and everyone had recovered from it, I started work on the new, improved version of the page, which is what you are currently looking at.