The Ghost in the night

The Ninja / The Ghost in the night

This add-on includes:

  • 1 Ninja miniature (32mm)
  • 2 Caltrop Miniatures
  • 54 Signature, Base, Kamae, Weapons Core and (AI) Solo cards.

This is the Add-on that Early Birds get for free. See the linked page for more information.

The Shadow under the steel

The Assassin & Ashigaru

This add-on includes:

  • 1 Assassin miniature (32mm)
  • 1 Ashigaru miniature (32mm)
  • 1 Akita dog miniature
  • 108 Signature, Base, Kamae, Weapons Core and (AI) Solo cards.
  • Akita Dog Solo deck cards
  • Crippling poison Ability cards

The Gathering storm

The sailor & The monk

This add-on includes:

  • 1 Dutch Sailor miniature (32mm)
  • 1 Monk miniature (32mm)
  • 1 Bonsho bell terrain (Miniature)
  • 108 Signature, Base, Kamae, Weapons Core and (AI) Solo cards.

When Two worlds collide

Yasuke & The Wakou

This add-on includes:

  • 1 Yasuke miniature (32mm)
  • 1 Wakou miniature (32mm)
  • 1 Fallen lord miniature
  • 108 Signature, Base, Kamae, Weapons Core and (AI) Solo cards.

The Wolf at the door

The Yojimbo & The Onna-Bugeisha

This add-on includes:

  • 1 Yojimbo miniature (32mm)
  • 1 Onna-bugeisha miniature (32mm)
  • 1 Baby cart miniature
  • 108 Signature, Base, Kamae, Weapons Core and (AI) Solo cards.

Legends: Sasaki and Musashi

Sasaki Kojirou & Miyamoto Musashi

This Add-On features the final duel between Sasaki Kojirou and Miyamoto Musashi.
Their fateful duel took place on the thirteenth of April, 1612 on the remote island of Funa-jima,
off the coast of Bizen Province and ended with the death of Kojirou to the legendary sword master Musashi.

This add-on includes:

  • 1 Sasaki Kojirou miniature (32mm)
  • 1 Miyamoto Musashi miniature (32mm)
  • 2 Row boats terrain (Miniature)
  • 108 Signature, Base, Kamae, Weapons Core and (AI) Solo cards.

Ink Drop

What on earth is an Ink Drop?

Your miniatures are treated with an ink drop effect, enhancing their natural colouration and adding a striking visual patina.
This Ink Dropped Miniatures Add-on applies to all of the miniatures in your Senjutsu: Battle For Japan box and for each set of Add-Ons you purchase.

(Additional Ink Dropped Miniature Add-ons are required if you are purchasing multiple copies of the Senjutsu core set)

See the picture I took at UKGE 2023 of what looks like. That's monk that has been ink-dropped and the sailor without.

Ink Drop example

Sleeves, not just for sweaters.

Sleeves keep your cards looking like new for a long time. You can play the game with the sleeves on the cards, no need to remove them.

Each pack of Premium Sleeves is made up of 6x 60 Premium, 100 micron, transparent sleeves, for a total of 360 sleeves.

One pack is enough to sleeve either a Core Box or a Deluxe Box.

Three packs will cover a Core/Deluxe box and all Add-ons.


For those that want to look cool whilst playing

Get hold of your own "Senjutsu, Battle for Japan" cotton T-shirt and be part of the Stone Sword Clan!

Size and base colour can be chosen in the Pledge Manager on Backerkit.

This T-Shirt is only available for purchase on Kickstarter and our Backerkit Store so get it whilst stocks last!

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. And in the colours "Light Grey", "Pale Blue" and "Charcoal".


Daimyo's Castle Quad-Fold XL Board

An extra large quad-fold board for playing higher player-count games of Senjutsu.


  • A stone courtyard area
  • Castle walls and broken Castle Walls area
  • The Castle gate area

Fight on variable height surfaces and be careful not to fall to your doom!

Don't worry, the board isn't required to play the base game. But it does provide a nice large area to play on.


Sensō "Battle for Japan"

Technically this is not an add-on for Senjutsu, but it's a stand alone game.
It is a game that does not require Senjutsu to play and is very compact, making it a perfect travel game!

Mechanically, Sensō is a light 'trick-taking' game with an area control twist.
Seize control of Japan, wresting provinces from your enemies in this 'King Is Dead' meets Whist title.

Sensō comes with an all-new Battle For Japan standard 54 card deck,
meaning that you can finally play Senjutsu Poker or even Senjutsu Snap with some of the highest quality cards available...
300+ GSM, full colour with a linen finish.

Sensō features 4 Clans, the Mōri, Oda, Takeda and Uesugi and is historically grounded and full of wonderful nods to Japan's Sengoku period.
As you can see the artwork is really something special, with Raben hand painting a unique Royal for each Ace, King, Queen and Jack.


  • A standard 54 deck of playing cards, featuring beautiful art from Raben White
  • 32 Coloured cubes
  • 18 cards including a map of Japan, rules and Clan Cards

Plays with 2 - 5 Players.

Sensou Sensou
Sensou Sensou
Right click on the images and select "Open image" to see a larger version of the images.

This upgrade was only available in the Pledge Manager on Backerkit

54mm miniature

54mm Printed Miniature

For those that want a larger show piece to display and/or paint.(not for gameplay)

Includes a 54mm, high-quality 3D printed sculpt of your chosen character.
Simply choose the character you want from the list:

  • Ronin
  • Warrior
  • Master
  • Student
  • Ninja
  • Assassin
  • Ashigaru
  • Sailor
  • Monk
  • Yasuke
  • Wakou
  • Yojimbo
  • Onna-Bugeisha
  • Kojirou
  • Musashi

Senjutsu gaming base not included. Price is per miniature

If you wanted to buy the entire set, this was possible by contacting SSG via email for the price of £199.99

This upgrade was only available in the Pledge Manager on Backerkit

Rose Metal Coin

Limited Edition Rose Metal Senjutsu Coin

The Senjutsu Coin features a Cherry Blossom motif on one side and the Kanji for Stone Sword on the other.
It is the perfect collectors piece for Senjutsu and will not be available in Retail.
It is a thank you from Paul and James for getting involved with Senjutsu early and helping to support our creation of this wonderful game!

All Backers and Pre-orders of Senjutsu, Daimyo and Yugen will get a Limited Edition Coin for each game.
Collect all three coins for a special reward on the Yugen Campaign.

Note you only receive this Limited Edition Coin if you have purchased at least 1 core set of Senjutsu: Battle For Japan.

This is a bonus item, automatically added in the Pledge Manager on Backerkit