Warrior miniature

Frequently Asked Questions

During the campaign some questions kept popping up over and over again in the comment section. To answer the most frequent ones, we made a FAQ on Discord. A slightly improved copy can be found here. (I have removed the questions that are no longer relevant)

For ease of navigation, the FAQ has been split up in sections.

  • Campaign
  • Game specs
  • Game play
  • Characters / Miniatures
  • Videos
  • Links
  • Misc


- When will the game ship?
It is currently in the process of shipping, please see update #67 and update #68 for more details.

- How do I change my address?
As shipping has started, it is no longer possible to change your address.

- Will there be a late pledge option in the Pledge Manager?
The deadline for late pledges has passed, so this is no longer possible.

- Will there be a big box to fit all the content?
Yes, it's part of the All-in pledge.

- What is meant by 'The Big Box' in the All-In bundle?
It's a big box that has neat dividers! We won't want to spoil such nice miniatures with a poor packing system so trays will be one of the major focuses for quality in the Senjutsu end product.

- Will the EB ninja be in the all-in? How will the all-in be different for EB backers?
Please see the Early Bird pledge page.

Game Specs

- How many cards are there?
There are 324 cards in the core, 54 in the ninja add-on, 108 in each double-pack.

- What size are the cards?
All cards are 89 x 63.5 mm

- Sleeves, not just for sweaters.
There are 6x60 sleeves per add-on pack.
1 pack is enough for the core set.
3 packs will be enough for all current and future add-ons (The All-in Deluxe pledge already contains 3 packs)

- As there are now 6 kamae rings in every base/deluxe game, shouldn't the number of players have changed from 1-4 to 1-6?
There are 4 playable characters in the core game box so it is a 1-4 player game. The 6 rings give you colour options for those 4 characters, or can be used with add-ons to expand to 6 players

- What will the game weigh? / Will I need a mobile crane to move the game box?
Weights used for the shipping estimates are: Core: 2.5kg, Deluxe: 3kg, All-In Pledges 8kg+. So yes, that portable crane can come in handy ;)

Game Play

- What does the Noble Woman do?
The Noble Woman stars in some of Senjutsu's narrative Solo and Co-op adventures and adds a really fun "Escort Game-mode" to the Vs combat.

- Can we link playfields / Will the game boards fit together to create a larger map?
Yes, you can combine the boards to create a larger map.

Characters / Miniatures

- Is the ninja in "The Ghost in the night" the same as the Early Bird Ninja?
Yes, it is the same add-on, please see the Early Bird pledge page.

- Why is there both a ninja and an assassin mini in the game.
Shinobi had many many battlefield roles- these miniatures represent two sides of a very nuanced part of history. Ninja weren't just assassins, they were more often than not used for intelligence gathering, or things like sabotage. Ninja's in those roles would fight if forced to, but would probably go about this in a very different way as someone that was sent out to kill.

- Can I paint the miniatures after they have been ink dropped?
Yes, just make sure to use primer, just like normal, to give the paint something to stick to.

- The swords are upside down!
Well, I too was taught to wear the sword with the sharp edge up, but in history things are a bit more muddled than that. I seems there are different types of swords that would be worn sharp side down. Or it could be preference, or armor type etc. SSG have consulted with cultural experts and they chose to do it this way…. I for one can deal with it. It's up to you if you can.

- 32mm is a bit small, will there be larger miniatures?
There were 54mm versions available in the Pledge Manager. These will be painter's editions- not gaming pieces as such, they will not have the game base.


- Watch it played videos:



- What is a Star member?
Someone that has helped this new and growing community without any financial motivation and without having been asked to do so. The exact wording/pointing of fingers is up to SSG.