A simple overview of the Senjutsu KS pledges

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Items marked with Lotus are included in the All-in Gameplay (£120) pledge.

SSG Promise, pledge manager funds count towards the Stretch Goals

Items marked with Sakura are included in the All-in Deluxe (£145) pledge.

Early Birds and others that are entitled to the free Ninja, will have £10 deducted from their shipping if they choose an All-in Pledge

Core Pledge
Deluxe Pledge
Contains everything in the Core pledge
plus these extras
The ghost in the night

This is the same as the Early Bird bonus
The shadow under the steel

The gathering storm

Core Pledge, 35 pounds, one copy of the base game

Every card upgraded to luxury linnen finish
Stretch Goal unlocked, Gold ability card Throw Dirt
Stretch Goal unlocked, cardboard advantage tracker
legendary stretchgoal, soundtrack
legendary stretchgoals, Battle Challenges
legendary stretchgoals, unique weapon pack 2, plastic burning carts
legendary stretchgoals, Campaign Rose Metal Coin
Double sides hand signed art print
Social Stretch Goal unlocked, Jade ability card Divine inspiration
Social Stretch Goal unlocked, Jade ability card Flaming Phoenix Arc
Social Stretch Goal unlocked, Jade ability card Hidden Viper Fang
Social Stretch Goal unlocked, Jade ability card, The Terror
Deluxe Pledge, 49 pounds, Everything in Core pledge plus Premium slipcase, metal kamae rings, 2 neoprene mats, Wind of Change solo campaign 2
Metal Focus tokens
  Add-on, The Ghost in the night, 10 pounds Add-on, The Shadow under the steel, 18 pounds
Stretch Goal unlocked, Akita Dog model, grrrr!
Stretch Goal unlocked, Crippling Poison ability cards
Social Stretch Goal unlocked, Assassins smoke bomb, hidden weapon abiliy card
Add-on, The Gathering storm, 18 pounds
Stretch Goal unlocked, Plastic Bonsho Bell terrain piece
Social Stretch Goal unlocked, Monk alternate signature jade card divine enlightenment
Social Stretch Goal unlocked, Sailors alternative signature jade ability card, precise shot, pistol card
When two worlds collide

The wolf at the door

Senjutsu Legends: Musashi and Kojirou

Add-on, When two worlds collide, 18 pounds
Stretch Goal unlocked, Fallen Lord miniature
Social Stretch Goal unlocked, Wakou sake ability cards
Add-on, The wolf at the door, 18 pounds
stretch Goal unlocked, Babycart
Social Stretch Goal locked, Onna-bugeisha Jade signature ability card silent embrace
Social Stretch Goal locked, Yojimbo Stubborn Resolve
Add-on, Senjutsu Legends Musashi and Kojirou, 18 pounds
Plastic Row Boat
Ink drop miniatures

Adding this once will be enough
to cover all miniatures
See Example below
Premium Sleeve Packs

1 pack will cover the core box
3 packs will cover everything
3 packs are included in All-in Deluxe Pledge
Senjutsu art print T-shirt

Colour and Sizes selected
after the campaign
Add-on, Ink Drop miniatures, 7 pounds Add-on, Premium Sleeve packs, 7 pounds Add-on, T-Shirt, 14 pounds
Senjutsu, Battle for Japan
Ronin miniatureWarrior miniature

Ink Drop Example:
Ink Drop example
Daimyo's Castle Quad-fold XL Board

Add-on, Quad Fold board Daimyo Castle, 8 pounds